Why our clients choose to work with us

Refocus recruitment is a specialist electrical and controls recruitment consultancy that partners with electrical/controls companies throughout New Zealand to source highly skilled, professional people who will make a real, quantifiable difference to the growth of our clients’ businesses. We specialise in recruiting permanent hires from graduates through to senior management and everything in between for small to medium sized business and large multinationals.

Refocus recruitment has:

  • Specific and detailed knowledge of the electrical sectors and disciplines
  • Electrical specialist knowledge with extensive experience in many electrical disciplines
  • A detailed and thorough candidate evaluation service – that includes matching candidate’s experience, career aspirations and values with our client’s business culture, requirements and vision
  • The time to understand your company’s requirements and identify candidates that meet these requirements while promoting the benefits of working for your company to those candidates
  • A defined process that will ensure we never bombard you with CV’s; we will only forward CV’s of people we believe are the correct fit for the role
  • A policy to work with rigour and care to secure the best possible outcome for all parties involved in the recruitment process


    Client FAQs

    Why should I use Refocus recruitment?

    The simple reason is that recruitment is our business.  It is what we do every hour of the working week.  We work with many electrical companies looking for similar candidates to fill their vacancies.  This gives us a large pool of potential candidates who we can talk to regarding your vacancy, company.  By engaging with us we will take the time to understand the requirements you are looking for in a candidate as well as your company values and culture.  We use this information to find the ideal candidate/s for your vacancies.  We take the arduous, time consuming work out of hiring new staff by providing you with candidates that match your criteria.  This ensures that for you the recruitment process is straight forward and non - time consuming enabling you to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

    What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

    We recruit in broad range industries but specialise in the electrical, controls and software fields of expertise.

    What recruitment solutions do you offer?

    We offer recruitment for permanent, contract and temporary staff.  We strive to find suitable candidate/s to match your requirements in a timely manner.

    At what point does Refocus Recruitment charge a recruitment fee?

    We charge a fee if a candidate that has been introduced to you by Refocus Recruitment is employed within your company within a certain time frame.


    How does your recruitment process work?

    Our process works as follows:

    Client brief
    The first step in any recruitment activity is to understand the job vacancy brief. This will involve either a meeting, an in-depth phone discussion or a video conference call.  We will work through a job description, understand the essential skills/experience required, the company culture/values, and the reasons for the new hire.  We will also explore if there would be future career enhancement opportunities for the successful candidate.  If required during this process, we can provide guidance on salary benchmarking; the size of the talent pool in the marketplace as we see it; the most appropriate strategic routes and options; along with advice on offshore hires for permanent positions throughout New Zealand.

    Candidate Search
    We will initially search our database and use our network of contacts. Alongside this we will post ads on our website, job boards and social media sites specifically focussed on attracting engineering and technical candidates’ applications.  There are no costs incurred for advertising across these sites.  These are covered by Refocus recruitment

    Candidate Selection
    When potential candidates have been identified we will interview them either in person (preferred, but not always possible), via phone or by video media call.  During these interviews candidates will be thoroughly screened regarding their work history, qualifications, career aspirations, suitability/motivation for the role etc.  As per the brief provided by the client the candidate will be fully informed regarding the role.

    Candidate Shortlist
    Candidates who meet or exceed the job requirements are shortlisted and forwarded to the client for consideration.  CVs will be as provided by the candidate but presented in a Refocus recruitment CV format with wider background information - circumstances, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses shared in the form of an addendum.

    We will always gain a candidates consent before sharing their CV or any personal data with a client.

    Interview Arrangements
    If a client wishes to interview a candidate, we will confirm with the client all the required details and confirm the candidate’s availability and confirm back with the client.  After the interview we will interface with the client and candidate to see how each party felt the interview went.

    Job Offer and Negotiation
    If a client informs us that they wish to make a job offer, we will conduct two verbal references for the client to review before proceeding with the offer.  If happy with the reference checks the client will then proceed with the job offer.  Deciding to make or accept a job offer is often the beginning of a negotiation process on salary, vehicle, bonus, benefits, working from home, hours, start date etc. With 20 years’ experience in facilitating job offer negotiation to ensure the best possible outcomes are reached for both parties we can assist and add value in this area for both parties.

    Getting the Candidate Across the Line
    In a marketplace where top talent is very sought after it is not surprising that a new hire may receive a counteroffer from their current employer.  We try to ensure through our recruitment process that that the candidate is serious about moving on and would not consider a counteroffer from their current employer.  Other things to consider are offers from other potential employers. Experience has taught us that the best way to avoid these situations is to:

    • Understand the candidate’s requirements (career aspirations, job match, salary package etc)
    • If within your remit act swiftly and get the offer in front of the candidate ASAP.
    • When the offer is presented (if directly by the client we ask to be copied in) this then enables us to follow up with the candidate and talk through the offer with them while promoting the benefits of working for your company to them.
    • When the offer is accepted we will ensure all the necessary paper work has been completed and forwarded to the client and will interface with both parties to ensure all is in place for the agreed start date.

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